Best Horse Training Camp in the United States

Do you want your kids or yourself be a pro horse rider? You are not alone. There are many folks out there who are wishing to excel in horse riding. If you are among them, then the horse training camp can be an ideal solution.

Luckily, there are many such camps in the US. You can find some camps which allow parents and their kids can ride together while others only accept kids.

Here, we come with the top horse training camps in the united states.

1. Rankin Ranch

As our first option, the Rankin ranch is the top-rated horse training camp located in Caliente, offers western and beginner to advanced horse riding lessons to all ages. Moreover, it is open to all genders though it can only support 30 to 50 guests at a time. Apart from horse riding, the camp also offers some sort of fishing, arts, crafts, and many more adventures.

2. Black River Farm and Ranch

our second top horse training camp in the US, the Black River Farm, and Ranch in the state of Michigan just some few miles off the north of Detroit near the port of has been offering the horse riding adventures for over 50 years now.

Not like Rankin ranch, kids from the age of 6 to 16 are is also larger, with 115 guest capacity.

3. Camp Ton-A-Wanda

If you have a baby girly who want to learn horse riding, then this is the camp. It is located in North Carolina and offers English/hunt riding styles. It is also a big camp and can support over 200 guests.

Last note

These are some of the camps for learning horse riding. Apart from visiting the camps, you can watch Horse Racing live and be motivated.

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