Watch Indy 500 Online Without Cable

If you don’t have a cable subscription or you don’t want to subscribe to NBC Sports Network, then you have come to the right place.

Here, you won’t need to purchase a digital antenna for your smart TV since you can watch Indy 500 live online without cable.

Watch Indy 500 Online Without Cable

Some of the best TV affiliates streaming sites include DirecTV NOW, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, and fuboTV.

  • DirecTV NOW

It’s now called AT&T NOW. With about $50 per month, you can enjoy more than 65 channels. Before subscribing to this service, ensure that you have access to NBC and if not, then you can at least access other platforms like ESPN, TNT, and ABC that offer Indy 500 live stream.

  • Sling TV

You can try Sling TV and for the Blue Plan package that goes for $15. It’s not the best for viewing Indy 500, but before using it, ensure that NBC is offered in select markets.

  • Hulu with Live TV

For $44.99 per month, you can view over 50 live coverages. Also, you’ll get a 7-day trial period on your first sign-up. Check whether the area you’re in has NBC access on the select markets before purchasing Hulu services.

  • YouTube TV

It’s the best viewing option for fans who want to record and watch later the aftermath of the race. You’ll need a monthly subscription of $49.99 to access all its features and live coverages.

  • PlayStation Vue

You don’t need a console to watch the live streams on PlayStation Vue. To access NBC, and other channels that cover Indy 500, then you must subscribe to the least package that goes for $44.99 per month.

  • fuboTV

fuboTV is a sports-centric streaming service that offers NBC access to select markets. You must pay a monthly fee of $44.99 to access it.


Before signing up for the streaming services discussed here, check that they offer NBC access on select markets. You may also need to use a VPN service to bypass geo-restriction on some of the above sites.

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