Why Dallas Cowboys are the best team in NFL

For many die-hard fans of the Dallas Cowboys, they are the best team in the NFL. They open the regular season against the New York Giants and fans cannot wait. There are many ways to stream Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants live. The best team in the NFL is yet to be determined, but here are some of the reasons why Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys are the best team in NFL

The Dallas Cowboys have been on a winning streak as far as the last season goes. In fact, their season last year was a great and memorable one. First and foremost, the Dallas Cowboys have two of the most talented players on the field right now. Dak Prescott as a quarterback and Ezekiel Elliott are unstoppable. Their rookie years, they took on the NFL right out of the gate and their numbers keep getting better as time moves on.

In an NFL assessment that was done, Dallas Cowboys were ranked as the second-best team in the NFL, behind the Eagles. Again, another reason for Dallas to become so successful is their ability to get great draft picks. Many of their core pieces to their huge puzzle are their players who were draft picks. They have 38 players who were picked in the draft.

The Dallas Cowboys have built their team around the players from the draft. There are a few players that were added to the roster via free agency or trades. The off-season signing of Randall Cobb was a huge boost of talent for the team. Many former players, fans, and supporters of the league feel that Dallas is going to be the team to beat this upcoming season. They are a very skilled team, with an amazing coaching staff that can win games and championships.

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