Rugby World Cup Qualifying

Watching the Rugby World Cup live stream qualifiers has never been easier. The qualifiers are in Japan and there are 20 teams featured. There are twelve teams who automatically qualified. These teams finished in the top three of their pools in 2015. This was in England. These teams include New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, Australia, England, France, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, and Wales.

Rugby World Cup Qualifying

The other eight teams are determined by a process of regional and cross-regional qualifiers. This started on March 5th when St. Vincent and the Grenadines hosted Jamaica in the Rugby Americas North Championship, and the final qualifier was known by November 2018.

What are the Rugby World Cup qualification principles?

There is one European qualifier which takes the highest-ranking team from the Rugby Europe Championship, excluding Georgia. There are two Oceania qualifiers. Two teams to qualify for the RWC 2019 from a Pacific Nations Cup played on a home and away basis over June 2016 and 2017.

One Europe/ Oceania play-off qualifier takes the third-place team from the Pacific Nations Cup. This team plays a home and away play-off with the second-ranked team in the Rugby Europe Championship. The winner on aggregate qualifying for RWC 2019. The loser will qualify for the repechage tournament.

There are two American qualifiers. Canada and the USA will play home and away with the winner on aggregate qualifying for RWC 2019. The loser will play home and away against the top-ranked South American team with the winner on aggregate qualifying for RWC 2019. There is one African qualifier that has the Rugby African Champ will qualify for RWC 2019. Asia/Oceania play-offs take the highest-ranked team from Asia Rugby and will play home and away against the winner of the Oceania Cup. Then there is one repechage qualifier that has four teams in a round-robbing format with the winners qualifying for RWC 2019.

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